Nunzio Esposito | Creative Director & Professor

Creative Director at Hook&Loop, Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Board Member at cWOW, and entrepreneur

Since the launch of Flips Audio, the revolutionary headphone that turns into speakers - its taken months to build the brand awareness around this new product. Besides trying to communicate innovation, the company is new in the vast category of headphones. The team here decided to take a strategic placement in mass transit and billboard locations around New York. 2 Flights of 4 week periods in the summer and holiday season.

Taking the design cues from the current packaging, the concepts began with an 8-hour turnaround time. From basic direction ideas to the final result which is shown, the feedback was massively positive. This was the first time one of the retail partners was announced as well, Brookstone.

The strong black background matched up to the BOLD Helvetica typeface presents a highly clear message and leaves enough intrigue to direct the audience to the web to inquire more details. The radiant color waves not only visually represent sound, but also the vibrance in the listening experience.

This productivity road map looks very interesting. I have to say that most of this I practice but there are some areas I need to focus on. Found this to be spot on and always good to have a quick visual reminder.